Opera Mini browser beta 64.0.2254.62620 APK Brings Fixes

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Those who still didn’t find a suitable browser for their phone can give Opera Mini a try, among other alternatives such as Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Edge, and more. The beta 64.0.2254.62620 beta update for Opera Mini might make you even more eager to download and install the browser.

Opera Mini browser beta 64.0.2254.62620 APK is available for download on APKMirror, and it sure doesn’t come empty-handed! There are two download variants to choose from: a simple APK file and a bundle. Your device needs to run on at least Android 5 if you want to install either one of these variants.

What’s new

Opera Mini browser beta 64.0.2254.62620 APK comes with “various stability and performance fixes,” as the update’s page reveals without going into detail. We assume that it’s nothing more than a usual update that doesn’t bring any mind-blowing changes. But who knows, maybe users will have a pleasant surprise when they install the update!

One of the most important updates for Opera Mini 50 arrived back in May 2020.

Here’s what the video’s description has to say:

In the biggest upgrade in five years, Opera Mini 50 is integrating a new and versatile status bar at the top of the browser screen. The new status bar adds a touch of personalization – users are able to receive welcome messages while browsing, with greetings and hints throughout the day. The status bar also keeps users updated on what’s going on around them. It shows notifications with the latest news, coming updates in the browser, or events from partners.

Surely pretty much nobody out there likes ads, and the developers behind Opera Mini know that very well! That’s why their app is equipped with a built-in app blocker that can get you rid of popup ads from all the websites you visit. Of course, this feature also provides a smoother browsing experience.

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