New iPhone 14 Leaks Reveal Design And Price Details

Credit: 9to5mac

All kinds of rumors have been floating around regarding the iPhone 14, ranging from the camera’s performance to the battery’s longevity. The notch, on the other hand, has been the subject of possibly the most persistent rumor. The front camera and FaceID technology will be housed in a ‘pill + hole’ arrangement on the iPhone 14 Pro, according to reports. However, the impact on on-screen real estate may not be as significant as we’d thought if fresh rumored display panels are genuine.

The notch

According to MacRumors, Weibo users have noticed what seems to be front glass panels for the whole iPhone 14 line-up. Compared to the 13 (apart from the lack of a small, of course), the basic 14 appears fairly similar. However, the 14 Pro looks significantly different. But not as much as users hoped.

Since the introduction of the notch on the iPhone X in 2017, the apparently all-screen display of the iPhone has been derided as a nuisance. Because the new pill design was intended to free up many valuable pixels, it seems to be considerably bigger than we expected in this photo. In fact, the notch is almost the same width as the iPhone 13’s notch. And it’s much lower on the screen, which eats up more of your screen real estate.

Still, despite the fact that the iPhone 14 may not be as groundbreaking as we had hoped, there is still a lot to look forward to. Improved camera zoom and a vast amount of storage space have been said to be in store for us.


An iPhone 13 Max would likely cost $300 more than the iPhone 13 small because of Apple’s choice, says Bloomberg’s outstanding Apple specialist Mark Gurman, in an exclusive story. The iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max are expected to cost $1099 and $1199, respectively, due to growing component prices and Apple’s need to distinguish between Pro and non-Pro iPhones, according to several reports. The iPhone 14 Max might now cost as much as $999, which is $300 more than the iPhone 13 Mini.

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