New App Tells You Why Your PC Can’t Support the Windows 11 Upgrade

We’re all used to the age-old philosophical question “why?”. While many of us are asking why we exist, why do we die, why do we have consciousness, why are we born, why does the Earth rotate around the Sun, and much more, the developers of a new GitHub app are aiming to be a little more pragmatic: why some PCs cannot run Windows 11?

While it’s not exactly a philosophical conundrum, figuring out why a PC can’t support the upgrade to Windows 11 can surely help a lot. Whether you’re planning to upgrade the computer’s hardware in order to match the demands of Microsoft’s new operating system, or you’re just a curious fellow by nature, there is a solution.

WhyNotWin11 will solve the mystery

WhyNotWin11 is the new app that aims to save the day for you if you’re wondering why your PC can’t run Windows 11. wrote about the app, and you can even get your hands on it for free.

WhyNotWin11 is pretty straightforward and intuitive, as the user won’t have to spend time going through the “oh, what a cute button, let’s see what it can do!” process. The new app will immediately inform you about what’s your PC lacking when it comes to supporting Windows 11 or not.

WhyNotWin11 will analyze 11 aspects of compatibility, such as CPU architecture, generation, RAM, DirectX support, and more. Also, the app won’t hesitate to check for available updates.

The unveiling of Windows 11 has already caused a huge wave of reactions across the worldwide web, probably even surpassing the rating of news for the coronavirus. However, we’ll still have to wait a few months more for the full release of Microsoft’s operating system. The magical computer of Santa Claus will be upgraded with Windows 11 this year, because, yes, you’ve guessed it: the full version of Windows 11 will become available around Christmas.

Cristian Antonescu
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