New Antarctic Rainfall Predictions – What to Expect

Recent data about Antarctic rainfall shows a massive incoming shift in weather patterns triggered by the forces of climate change. As per novel predictions, more rainfall is expected to fall along the coast of Antarctica, resulting in unprecedented scenarios.

More rain in Antarctica will also have an impact on the inhabitants, including Adelie and emperor penguins. 

Here is what you need to know.

Increased Rainfall Expected in Antarctica

Antarctica is identified as a desert, and even snow is incredibly rare. The reason?

Apparently, there’s a lack of weather fronts reaching the continent, and the very dry air is also to blame.

As for rain, Antarctica doesn’t see it too much, with the eastern coast estimated to get approximately 4 days of rainfall/year, and the northwestern peninsula over 50 days/year.

For the recent batch of data, a team of researchers used decades of intense observation from 10 stations on Antarctica, mixed with modelling and other significant data.

The team’s findings

According to new findings, we could be looking at an increase in rainfall of approximately 240 % across the continent. Researchers released a statement highlighting the phenomenon Antarctica will soon have to deal with and what should be done next.

An excerpt of the statement reads:

“Given the expected increasing importance of rainfall for the Antarctic climate, those differences call for further attention to the evaluation and improvement of the representation of precipitation microphysics and phase in climate models over Antarctica.”

As previously mentioned, the penguin communities will also suffer from intense rainfall. Back in 2013-2014, a whole population of penguins died in one of the greatest Adelie penguin colonies in southeast Antarctica. The rain was so heavy that the animals couldn’t stand a chance.

But, more rain also means more ice sheet melting, turning the current situation into the worst scenario. 

Next, researchers will have to examine the actual amount of varied rainfall for a better understanding and more accurate predictions.

Georgia Nica
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