Life-size Fortnite Battle Bus Parked At Universal Studios: Possible New Collaboration

Source: via undercovertourist / Epic Games

Epic Games and Universal Studios Hollywood? Rumor has it, a new collaboration will be soon announced!

A life-size Battle Buss has been spotted near Universal Studios Hollywood, sparking a lot of speculations. The studio is known for its Fortnite collaborations, from comic book superheroes to Disney movies. So, what should we expect?

Here is what you need to know.

Universal Fortnite Battle Bus: What’s Happening?

The impressive life-size Battle Bus was spotted for the first time on October 3, and since then, its design has evolved a lot!

Just take a look at these pictures posted by @ThemeSnark on Twitter:

As you can notice, the Fortnite Battle Bus looks quite futuristic, with cool details and lights. But, as great as that could be, why the Battle Bus is parked in front of the City Walk AMC is now a complete mystery.

However, Epic Games should offer more details in the coming weeks!

Until then, a Twitter user who filmed the Battle Bus related that a security guard unveiled that ‘they’re planning something big.’ That’s even more exciting knowing what Epic Games can do!

Check out the following Twitter post and video:

Rumors and Other Details

A collaboration seems pretty much obvious right now, but Epic Games and Universal could announce something really big this time. Some believe that there is going to be a Fortnite ride at Universal to announce an in-game event.

Currently, Universal Studios are celebrating the Halloween season with a special event called ‘Halloween Horror Nights.’ Such a thing might soon introduce brand-new skins based on classic Universal movies, including The Wolf Man, Frankenstein, and many more.

Other sources claim that a Midnight Mass crossover could be totally possible, introducing skins like Sheriff Hassan or even Father Paul.

Whatever Epic Games will release, it will surely be legendary. Stay tuned to be the first to know!

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