Lava Shares First Teaser for the Launch of their Upcoming Blaze NXT Smartphone!


After previously unveiling the Lava Blaze back in July, the company went on to also release a Pro model and a 5G version but it looks like they are not done with the surprises!

The latest reveal comes in the form of a teaser for the launch of their newest Blaze series smartphone, known as the Lava Blaze NXT.

At this point in time, Lava is yet to share the specs of this phone but we do know a few things.

Based on a picture posted on the company’s Twitter account, the upcoming phone will have both the power button and the volume rocker on the left side of the frame.

Lava also shared a short video on the same platform, in which they featured some of the comments sent by users and which suggest that the Blaze NXT is going to be just like the original model only with improved features such as a better processor and more RAM.

That being said, if you were not aware, here is what the original Lava Blaze offers so you can get an idea of what the upcoming smartphone could be like – it has 3GB RAM and also comes with the Helio A22 SoC.

While that’s pretty good already, knowing these specs will most likely be greatly upgraded with the release of the Lava Blaze NXT, the prospect is causing a lot of anticipation among users.

During an interview, the Product Head of Lava International, Mr. Tejinder Singh, shared that the company is considering the launch of a brand new 4G device with a MediaTek G that will still remain an affordable device for their buyers.

However, it has to be noted that Singh never specified if he was talking about the Lava Blaze NXT or another model.

Either way, what is certain is that the Lava Blaze NXT is indeed coming and that we’ll soon get more details about the product, launch date, price point and more!

Ionela Ghergus
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