iOS 17: Interactive Widgets For Home App That Looks Cool

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In iOS 17, interactive widgets sure got a lot of love, and there’s no wonder why! With Apple’s new Home app widgets, you can easily manage your HomeKit devices from the convenience of your iPhone’s Home Screen. That’s really awesome!

Since iOS 17 is still in its early stages of development, we anticipate that Apple will be able to make even more improvements before fully releasing it. What are your thoughts so far about iOS 17’s development? What would you like to see up next as cool features?

The tech giant has included two new widgets in the Home app as of iOS 17 that look really sleek. First things first, there is a smaller widget that displays just four HomeKit accessories and another one that is a bit bigger (up to eight). I

Try this: set iOS 17 to “Recommended,” and it will use its best judgment to choose which of your HomeKit devices you should operate when; you will be amazed!

Moreover, doors can be locked or unlocked, lights may be turned on or off, and garage doors can be opened or closed just by touching the corresponding squares. Quite impressive, isn’t it?! However, as great as that could be, remember that the Home app will still require more complex adjustments like changing the colors, brightness, or thermostat settings.

To recall, in earlier iOS, we could’ve launched an app by pressing on a widget. If you were using the Music app widget, for instance, tapping on it would launch the Music app rather than instantly beginning listening. So the new functionality will indeed work like a charm, but it’s a bit similar to what we’ve seen previously.

Focus modes can also have their own unique widget implementations in iOS 17 if custom Home Screens are used in conjunction with them. And if you feel creative enough, you may customize the Home app widget to display the devices you use most frequently in the morning or at night. Cool!

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