How Different Will Apple’s VR Be From Oculus?

Credit: Apple Insider

Apple’s VR is probably one of the much-awaited gadgets, and there’s no wonder why. The company will be integrating a wide range of functions in its upcoming mixed-reality headset, and it is anticipated to provide several features in its initial iteration that competing headsets do not. Quite impressive, isn’t it?!

At WWDC in June, we’ll all be waiting for Apple to finally unveil its VR and augmented reality gear. Could that really happen after all?! Though most rumors have focused on the gadget’s physical capabilities, it appears that its list of features and functions might be just as long and exciting as we all can imagine. What features and apps will make it to the big list? Here’s what we know so far. Remember that Apple didn’t actually confirm anything or release any key details!

According to recent reports, the tech giant based in Cupertino has been developing headgear apps for quite a while. Some of them, which are quite exciting, are even mentioned by Mark Gurman from Bloomberg.

Apple’s VR will be able to operate most existing iPad apps but in mixed reality, of course. That includes FaceTime, Messages, Music, Books, Camera, Contacts, Mail, Files, Photos, the newly introduced app Freeform, Home, Notes, Stocks, Reminders, Safari, TV, and Weather. Such a thing is definitely one of the best things we can get from a VR headset.

What are your thoughts on Apple’s mixed-reality gear?

Moreover, other reports indicate that the headgear will also be able to smoothly run “hundreds of thousands” of current iPad apps from third parties that are accessible through the App Store. Many may require “no extra work” to run, while some may require “minimal modifications” for compatibility. How cool is that?! There will also likely be a strong emphasis on gaming, including “top-tier titles” from outside sources.

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