Here’s How To Feel Happier During The Pandemic, According To Science

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Cognitive reappraisal is a process that involves identifying and evaluating one’s beliefs and ideas using dispassionate judgment and evaluation. It involves identifying the root cause of negative feelings (often referred to as neuroses or problems) and then changing those beliefs or ideas to something more consonant with your values, pleasurable sensations, or practical goals. This process is most readily encountered in psychotherapy when clients are being treated for psychological disorders like anxiety or depression.

The findings of the most extensive mental re-examination research in Nature Human Behavior have just been published by several researchers from 87 countries. They began from a simple dilemma: could you get people to feel happier, albeit for just one minute, by practicing re-evaluations? The research gathered information from more than 20,000 people and came up with an overall reply: yes.

The latest study confirms the re-evaluation idea. However, it also implies that a broad-based world health initiative might perhaps be possible. It’s a straightforward technique, yet it may benefit many in a chaotic environment to increase tolerance.

“The finding that reappraisal decreases negative emotion and increases positive emotion is something that has been replicated over and over and over ad nauseam. I couldn’t just get that finding published if I really wanted to, because it’s been so well-established. But there were aspects of the study that are new and significant. “I think this scale, scope, and timeliness to speak to the crisis we’re in right now were the most impressive parts about it,” explained psychologist Kateri McRae.

The newest cognitive reassessment test provides a better foundation for the understanding of mental health therapies. Psychology includes many weak concepts which promise to improve your life. This is one that genuinely appears to succeed. Psychological therapies that can be uncomplemented by a broad range of intense therapy, so the better they can possibly perform worldwide, are frequently unavailable and pricey.

Susan Kowal
Susan Kowal is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor/advisor, and health enthusiast.