Harvard Scientist Aims to Find Interstellar Object That Was Supposedly Created By Aliens and Crashed in the Ocean

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Since the dawn of time, some people have suspected that intelligent and extraterrestrial life forms are to blame for creating many of our world’s wonders. That’s the case for the Egyptian Pyramids, for instance, as scientists today don’t have any idea how they were built thousands of years ago.

But how about an interstellar object that could have crashed off the coast of Papua New Guinea some years ago? A Harvard scientist theorizes that aliens might be to blame for creating the object, and he’s up to find a definitive answer.

Exploring the region of the Pacific Ocean

The object in question was designated as CNEOS-2014-01-08, and Harvard astronomer Avi Loeb is the one in charge of uncovering the mystery. He is already preparing to reveal a telescope based on AI. He wants to explore the region of the Pacific Ocean where he thinks the object might have landed.

Loeb made his assumption of finding alien technology during an essay for The Debrief, where he explained:

The fundamental question is whether any interstellar meteor might indicate a composition that is unambiguously artificial in origin? Better still, perhaps some technological components would survive the impact. My dream is to press some buttons on a functional piece of equipment that was manufactured outside of Earth.

Until Loeb finds any answers, astronomers have other ways of searching for alien life. One of them is by exploring Mars using rovers. While pretty much nobody is still hoping to find any little green men with big black eyes, small and non-complex organisms could exist on our neighboring planet. That would also count for extraterrestrial life.

But other scientists are hoping that humans can actually become the first ‘Martians’. Elon Musk even believes that almost everyone will be able to afford to pay $100,000 for a ticket to the Red Planet.

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