GTA 6: Are The Devs Taking The Action To The Midwest

Beginning in 1997, the Grand Theft Auto series has immersed players in fictitious American cities where they may commit crime and vandalism to their heart’s desire. One of the most popular series in gaming, and its cities are now a hallmark of open-world games. The series has returned to the same three locations for years, thus it is time for Rockstar to develop a new city.

Grand Theft Auto has taken players to Miami, Los Angeles, and New York City, all of which are fictitious. For the most part, it has returned to the same locations, save for a brief break in London in 1999. GTA 6 is an excellent chance for Rockstar to expand their satirical vision of the United States, which has so far been limited to only a few cities. For the creation of a city exclusive to Grand Theft Auto, Rockstar should take influence from the Midwest area of the United States.

The three cities that would constitute the foundation of the Grand Theft Auto series were initially featured in the first game. Liberty City, San Andreas, and Vice City, which were loosely modeled on New York, San Francisco, and Miami, were all available to explore in the game. Players have returned to these locations several times since then.

These three major cities have offered gamers with vast playgrounds to wreak mayhem; worlds full of satire and some rather fascinating storylines for the players to engage in the havoc. Because of their prominence in the gaming industry, these cities will certainly sure be explored and expanded upon by Rockstar in the future. Grand Theft Auto, on the other hand, is in need of a new city, and the greatest way to accomplish it is to introduce a whole new one.

The Midwest

It’s common for video games to take place on American shores, in the Wild West, or in New York City. The Midwest is seldom featured in video games. Rockstar might use these cities as fodder for satire in a new location. Unlike Miami and Los Angeles, which are famed for their mild winters, the Midwest is notorious for its harsh ones. Grand Theft Auto 6 could generate some interesting crooks to pursue in these cities, which are not lacking in crime. As a game company, Rockstar could begin the journey in tapping into the various tales and cities in the Midwest area of the United States.

Susan Kowal
Susan Kowal is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor/advisor, and health enthusiast.