GTA 5: New Video Compares In-Game Locations With Their Real-Life Counterparts

Credit:, João Ferrão

GTA 5 is certainly one of the best RPGs and open-world games ever made, and certainly, many of us imagined to act out there in the real world just as the characters of the game do. While we strongly believe that antisocial behavior and doing any damage to other people and their stuff is absolutely wrong, a new video brings a different approach.

The location of GTA 5 is based on a recreation of Los Angeles, and the developers copied many aspects of the famous Californian city. This can only mean that if you go to Los Angeles, you would instantly feel like you’re in the famous game itself. Andrew Levitt, a YouTuber, did just that, wanting to explore how GTA 5 might feel in real life.

You can see the real-life counterparts for Vespucci Beach, Del Pierro Pier, the hotels along the shores of the beach, and a lot more memorable sightings. There are too many places that were created in the game with high fidelity. The YouTuber also says that now he understands why it’s taking so long for Rockstar to create GTA 6.

A new massive leak just went out about GTA 6, revealing a lot of possible additions for the future game. If the information is correct, the players will make a return to Vice City in the long-awaited game, but there will also be other settings, such as Carcer City and more. The story will also be set in the modern world of the 2020s. But ultimately, only time will tell for sure how GTA 6 will be.

The man ends his presentation by saying a few wise words. He tells us that life is short, which means that you should stop staring at the screen too much and start to experience certain things for yourself.

We thank Andrew Levitt and wish him a happy and healthy life!

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