Google Pixel Watch Update Adds Overnight Blood Oxygen Tracking


The Pixel Watch will soon receive an update that will enable blood oxygen monitoring, thanks to Google’s latest announcement. How cool is this?! Even if this feature took a while to make it to the Pixel smartwatches, it was definitely worth the wait.

Other smartwatches, such as the Apple Watch, Google-owned Fitbit trackers, and the Samsung Galaxy Watch, already feature blood oxygen measurement, so it’s amazing to see Google finally catching up with the competition with their Pixel Watch. Let’s delve into more details and find out what other new features we should expect!

Fresh upgrades have been released for the Pixel Watch and the Pixel Phone; one of those improvements is the addition of blood oxygen tracking that users have been waiting for. Check out the complete list of features below:

  • keep track of your heart rate and notify you if it starts to fluctuate abnormally
  • make Google Assistant accessible in a wider variety of languages and regions
  • introduce three new Spotify tiles
  • upgrade to Brushed Silver or Matte Black Metal Link Bands for $200

All of the upgrades should be accessible right now, with the exception of the new colors for the Metal Link Band, which won’t be available until the following few days. If the rumors are to be believed, Google will release the Pixel Watch 2 in the fall of this year, possibly bringing with it even more new capabilities.

What are your thoughts so far about Google’s Pixel Watch? What other features would you like to see soon?

The ability to export recordings to Google Docs is one of the new features available on Google Pixel Phones. Other new capabilities include the enhancement of emergency sharing and the use of emoji backgrounds. So, get ready for even more exciting new developments soon by staying tuned to our latest news and tips!

Georgia Nica
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