Google Pixel Fold vs. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 – Will Google’s Upcoming Flagship Surpass One of Samsung’s Top Phones?

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Google is preparing the release of the new Pixel Fold device at some point in 2023, and it doesn’t mean having your head in the clouds if you hope that it will be comparable to the top smartphones that are already on the market. Also, you don’t have to be an eager beaver over the upcoming release. Foldable phones don’t actually represent anything new.

Even so, Google has done a pretty good job with its Pixel lineup of phones, and the latest Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro devices can surely confirm it. We can expect the Mountain View-based giant to follow suit when it comes to the upcoming Pixel Fold. Google is certainly no company where the tail is wagging the dog. We already have some information about the device, although there’s still plenty more time to wait until we hear anything official.

Last time, we compared the Google Pixel Fold to the iPhone 14 Pro. This time, we’ll be comparing Google’s next foldable flagship to another powerful foldable device of the South Korean giant: Galaxy Z Flip 4.


Google Pixel Fold’s main camera will feature an IMX787 main sensor that reaches 64MP. This powerful lens is accompanied by a 12MP IMX386 ultrawide sensor and a 10.8MP S5K3J1 telephoto lens. We don’t know anything yet about what could the front camera of Pixel Fold be like, but surely it’s not reasonable to believe that it would be weak.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 is only equipped with a dual camera setup mounted on the rear. It consists of a 12MP wide sensor and a 12MP ultrawide lens.

At this point, Samsung’s device wins the round.


There’s a lot more to learn about the display(s) that Pixel Fold will be carrying. But judging by the same rumors that we have, the screen will be capable of a refresh rate of 120Hz. The brightness will also be pretty impressive, as it has its peak set at 1200 nits.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 obviously has two displays. There’s a foldable Dynamic AMOLED 2X display of 120Hz, HDR10+, and 1200 nits. There’s also the Super AMOLED cover display of 1.9 inches.

The battle between the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 and the Google Pixel Fold, when it comes to their displays, seems to be a stalemate. The two main displays are pretty much even at this point.


We can expect to see the same Tensor G2 SoC processor mounted on the Pixel Fold as it happened in the case of the latest Pixel flagships. At the same time, Google might rely on a third-generation Tensor processor, which is even better. Only time will tell for sure.

The Galaxy Z Flip4 from Samsungsportsg the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chipset, which is the best one ever built by Qualcomm.

Samsung wins this round.


While Google’s upcoming foldable phone will likely be priced at over $1,500, you can purchase the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 at only about $660. That’s a huge price difference, as Google’s upcoming device should be priced at an almost twice ashigherr price compared to its ‘competitor’ for today.


The upcoming Pixel Fold from Google is better when it comes to the cameras, while Galaxy Z Flip4 likely has a better processor. Depending on what you want more from a smartphone, the decision is all yours on which one of the two phones you would choose. However, once again, we must emphasize that there’s very little information available on what the Google Pixel Fold is capable of.

It’s clear that you can’t use either the Google Pixel Fold or the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 only for basic tasks such as listening to your favorite songs until they become earworms. Both gadgets are impressive, and buying either one of them represents a great deal.



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