Google Meet’s Picture-in-picture Feature Gets A Huge Upgrade


The picture-in-picture experience provided by Google Meet is finally made to be much more valuable, and we are actually thrilled to be able to enjoy the improved experience.

The picture-in-picture (PiP) has received an update that makes it significantly more helpful. Have you been thinking of something like that? So, practically a new set of settings makes it simpler to multitask during a meeting while being present and participating in video conferences, as detailed in the blog post that was published as part of Google’s Workspace Update.

The upgrade to Google Meet on the Chrome browser is now available, and it will be made accessible to a broader audience over the course of the next few weeks, so be patient. If you need more details and a little guide on how to use the new Meet feature, make sure you check out what Google is saying here.

According to the tech giant, while the PiP window is open, there is now a control that allows you to “raise your hand,” utilize PiP while in meeting chat, more efficiently resize the picture-in-picture view, toggle captions on and off, and access customizable layouts. Imagine, for example, you are writing an email or any other type of message that you want. You will continue to have visibility of your partners and can continue to participate in the video meeting. That’s very impressive, don’t you think?

The best thing, though, is that you can still raise your hand and access other controls even if you feel the need to make a point. Neat!

When compared to the previous variant, which had restricted resizing choices, this is a significant improvement. In addition, the controls that were previously available gave you the option to either exit the conference or toggle the camera and microphone on and off. Even though it’s only a minor adjustment, it makes a significant difference in how effective the app is for getting work done.

Georgia Nica
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