God of War Ragnarok: Will There Be More Delays?

god of war

Cory Barlog, who works for Santa Monica Studio, was forced to reassure gamers again once more over the weekend that there would not be a further delay in the release of God of War Ragnarok. The odd tweet in which Barlog begged supporters to “be cool” was the impetus for the dialogue. As a result of Barlog’s message, his followers immediately jumped to the realization that the news of yet another delay was on its way.

The absence of news on God of War Ragnarok and the multiple delays have resulted in the developers at Santa Monica Studio receiving harassment and insults on social media in the past. Barlog is well-known for openly defending the team, condemning toxic behavior, and repeatedly pleading with users of social media to respect developers. Followers were led to believe that another postponement was going to be announced, and Barlog is presumably preparing himself for yet another round of criticism because his most recent tweet appeared to come out of nowhere. Not exactly.

In a separate conversation with a fan, Barlog appeared to discredit rumors that a new trailer for God of War: Ragnarok was set to be unveiled. The marketing for God of War: Ragnarok has been somewhat peculiar, especially for a first-party Sony game. We haven’t even seen a single minute of gameplay, but Sony has already confirmed the game’s release date, along with information on special editions and how to pre-order it through an entry on the PlayStation Blog. Gamers are left speculating what is going on behind the scenes due to the fact that Sony has staged State of Play events for third-party games as well as the news that God of War Ragnarok’s launch is just three months off.

The most recent rumor suggests that a PlayStation State of Play event will take place in September, so here’s hoping that we hear anything concretely soon.

Susan Kowal
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