Fortnite’s iOS Return Could Totally Happen Soon!

Credit: Epic Games

Fortnite on iOS? Yes, please! After Epic Games and Apple entered into one of the most bitter and strange legal battles in the history of the video game industry, it’s likely that the game would return to iOS devices soon. But how soon we’re actually going to see Fortnite on iOS?

As we all can recall, Epic filed a lawsuit against Apple back in 2020 because the company at the time assessed a platform charge to developers for each in-game transaction made through the App Store. Quite disappointing, right?! V-Bucks, the in-game currency in Fortnite, was, therefore, more expensive than they are on the PC and Console versions of the game. When it came to criticizing the tech giant based in Cupertino, Epic Games did not hold back. And then things just got worse.

As a result, the lawsuit garnered enough publicity for Epic Games to ultimately lose.

So, what comes next is really interesting: iOS users could be able to play Fortnite once more thanks to new EU regulations.

The Fortnite game launcher, which was previously exclusively available through cloud gaming services like XCloud and Nvidia’s GeForce NOW, might return with iOS 17. If such a thing would happen, it could actually make it possible for players to download Epic Games Launcher and use it to play the game on any iOS device.

Such news was shared on Twitter by a user called DuckyTheGamer, and you can check out below all the details:

How will Fortnite run on iOS devices?

According to the guidelines, users will be able to sideload applications like Epic Games Launcher or Google Play Services, which actually host a lot of other apps that can only be accessed via the hosted apps. After that, we will be free to download the most recent Fortnite update from the Epic Games launcher and play it at our device’s maximum quality. Just imagine how cool that’ll be!

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