Fortnite’s Combat Cache: How to Get It Tips & Tricks

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Wondering about the Combat Cache in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2? You’re in luck because we’ve just compiled a sleek guide on how to get and open some Combat Cache. Supply Drops were actually one of the best features that were removed entirely from the game. After six years, Epic has finally eliminated those from Battle Royale and replaced them with Combat Cache, a new way to collect goodies.

Why’s the Combat Cache worth collecting?

This Combat Cache gives you some Epic to Legendary rewards, so you better make time and get some!

How to Get Combat Cache in Fortnite Season 2?

Combat Cache is unique, and it comes in some cute little containers, much like the Supply Drops. The way this Combat Cache is quite remarkable. It actually pops up through a fissure after it descends from the sky and lands at a random location on the island. Even cooler is that you’ll be able to see the Combat Cache from a decent distance because it does notify you with a message and symbol.

Credit: Epic Games

TIP: if the Cache emits a purple beam, that means it contains some Epic stuff; you can also open them right away, but be careful as there is a countdown of 50 seconds!

How to Open Combat Cache in Fortnite Season 2?

Finding Combat Cache is not that difficult, isn’t it?! Well, opening some, it’s a whole other story.

Remember this: at around every eight minutes into a Battle Royale match, Combat Caches spawns randomly. So, practically, you need to be focused and get a Combat Cache, then interact with it, claim it, and finally, open it.

As we previously said, the Comabat Cache’s color means a lot when you’re on a hunt. Why’s that? Apparently, the Combat Cache’s beam changes color over time, telling you the loot’s worth.

TIP: move quickly to find Combat Cache because the rarity is reduced from Legendary to Epic to Rare really quickly!

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