Fortnite v18.40 Update Patch Notes Reveal Naruto Bundle, Convergence Stages, and More

Source: Epic Games / Viz Media

Fortnite update 18.40 will soon kick in, and we couldn’t be more excited, mainly because the Naruto rumors will finally be shut down!

The upcoming update is set to introduce new content, including the much-awaited Naruto x Fortnite crossover. This season, we’ve already seen a lot of incredible stuff, from huge map changes, exclusive skins, and sleek crossovers like Ariana Grande and Resident Evil.

So, what’s going to be next?

Here is what you need to know.

Fortnite v18.40 Update Downtime Details

Epic Games has announced on Twitter that the Fortnite servers are scheduled to go down on November 16 at 9 AM UTC. The downtime should last around 30 minutes. Check out the official announcement:

Fortnite v18.40 Update: Naruto is Coming

After several months of rumors and leaks, the Naruto x Fortnite crossover will finally be available!

The crossover will feature a sleek bundle, including skins for other popular characters, like Sakura, Sasuke, and Kakashi. Popular tipster HYPEX shared some essential details on Twitter, as you can see:

Fortnite v18.40 Update: Mythic Kunai Weapon

If you thought the Naruto news was enough, well, there’s more to discover.

Fresh leaks suggest that Naruto will be available to all players as a boss fight, and once defeated, and we could be rewarded with a new exclusive weapon, dubbed Mythic Kunai.

How cool is that?

Check out HYPEX’s post on Twitter to find out more:

Fortnite v18.40 Update: Flintlock vs. Proximity Launcher Funding Event

Update 18.40 will also bring the Proximity Launcher vs. the Flint-Knock Pistol in the upcoming Funding Event. That’s definitely some best news right here!

Source: Epic Games

Fortnite v18.40 Update: the Convergence Stages 4 and 5

Notably, the Convergence has been transforming over and over again in the last few updates. Now, it’s in its third stage and should soon reach its fourth and fifth stages in the v18.40 update.

But we don’t know for sure how that’ll influence the island.

Fortnite v18.40 Update: Bug Fixes

The following bug fixes are expected to arrive in update 18.40:

  • Impostors: Eliminated players can’t hear the non-defeated players during the Discussion phase;
  • Vehicles might desync when exiting them;
  • Collection Book entries are gone when using Performance mode;
  • Weapons might disappear from Supply Drops and Chests;
  • Inflate-A-Bull;
  • Multi-selecting and moving building to prop parts will cause constant misalignment.
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