Fortnite Season 7 FNCS Full Details: Start Date, Trios, and More

Source: Epic Games

Get ready for another round of competitive Fortnite soon! Epic Games has just announced Season 7’s FNCS, and we’re thrilled.

Competitive Fortnite is the place where players have to prove their skills and earn some big rewards. This season’s events will feature the trios game mode and the Reboot Round for the FNCS Semi-Finals.

We’ve compiled a list of everything you need to know, from the FNCS Season 7 start date to the other features available in the game.

Fortnite FNCS Season 7: Start Dates

Epic Games has just announced the full schedule for this season’s FNCS, and there are going to be three rounds of qualifiers for players to participate.

For those who don’t automatically qualify, a Semi-Finals will be available.

Check out all the dates for FNCS Season 7:

  • July 29: Qualifier 1 – Middle East;
  • July 30: Qualifier 1 – All regions except the Middle East;
  • August 12: Qualifier 2 – Middle East;
  • August 13: Qualifier 2 – All regions except the Middle East;
  • August 19: Qualifier 3 – Middle East;
  • August 20: Qualifier 3 – All regions except the Middle East.
Source: Epic Games


Every open Qualifier kicks in across four rounds. The top players from every final round in each region will be redirected to the Finals on September 3 – 5. They’ll earn Series Points built on every Qualifier’s final position tracked on the Series Leaderboard.

Finally, each Qualifier scores, as top players on the Series Leaderboard will get into the Semi-Finals.

Make sure you check out Fortnite’s official page to find out more about the Prize Pool!

Source: Epic Games

Reboot Round and Semi-Finals

The Reboot Round returns for this season’s FNCS Semi-Finals!

The system comes in handy to decide the final teams for the Grand Finals. Those who won’t qualify for the Finals based on the opening qualifier rounds and the Semi-Finals will see who the final trios are.

This season’s FNCS will be legendary, so stay tuned to find out more!

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