Fortnite: Lighting And Tornadoes Are More Frequent

Epic Games has updated Fortnite with some interesting new stuff. Tornadoes and lightning have been added to Fortnite, featuring tornadoes scooping up and tossing users up in the sky, and lightning softly startling players before giving them a momentary extra speed. Tornadoes and lights aren’t only entertaining to play with in Fortnite; they are also very spectacular to watch on the map. Epic is so fond of them that it released an update that boosts the frequency of tornadoes and lightning.

Fortnite’s freshly published update introduces four new features. The first three chapters are on tornadoes, while the final chapter is about lightning storms. The tornado adjustments first increase the possibility of tornadoes spawning from 80 percent to 100 percent. As time goes on, each storm should produce a tornado. In addition, instead of the first five storms on every map, tornadoes can already emerge in the first six. This must keep tornadoes in the game for the duration of the contest. Finally, instead of three minutes, a tornado can now form in the initial storm of a match following the first two minutes.

The lighting shift resembles one of the tornado fluctuations. Lightning storms can now generate in two minutes, instead of three. It’s unclear if this occurs after each storm spawns or only after the initial one, as with the tornado patch remark. Nevertheless, lightning storms are likely to come sooner and persist more as a result of this.
What matters most following this patch is that tornadoes should appear earlier in the game and persist longer. Tornadoes and lights should be regular, if not always present, to the point where they’re plainly designed to be game-changing. That’s not to suggest tornadoes and lightning were still not game-changing, but this patch will amp up their impact in every battle.

Susan Kowal
Susan Kowal is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor/advisor, and health enthusiast.