Fortnite: How to Complete the Bytes Quests and Get The Nothing’s Gift Pickaxe Styles

Source: Epic Games

Wondering how to complete the Bytes Quests and get some sleek rewards? Thanks to update 22.10, there’s a new set of challenges you don’t have to miss!

The weekly challenges and the story-related Paradise Quests are sure all fun and game, but the Bytes Quests come with something really cool: seven at syles for The Nothing’s Gift pickaxe. Curious how to complete the new Bytes Quests?

We’ve compiled a guide on everything you need to know, including the full list of rewards.

Fortnite Bytes Quests

There are only 8 Bytes Quests available at the moment:

Remember that completing each of these challenges will get you a new alt style for The Nothing’s Gift.

Source: Epic Games

Fortnite Bytes Quests: How to Unlock Them?

The only way to unlock the new Bytes Quests is by unlocking The Nothing’s Gift pickaxe. And you can find that by accessing Page 2 of the Battle Pass.

The best part is that the pickaxe will grant you access to the Bytes Quests right away. How cool is that?!

Fortnite Bytes Quests: How to Complete Them?

One of the most important things is to wear the Bytes skin to complete the first Bytes quest!

Next, let’s dive into the quests. To damage some enemy players with EvoChrome Weapons is quite easy. Two great options are the EvoChrome Burst Rifle or the EvoChrome Shotgun. So, make sure you check some Chrome-covered locations, like Shimmering Shrine, or searching Chrome Chests.

As for dealing damage to Chromed Wildlife, driving in Chromed Vehicles, Chrome-ing enemy players, or passing through Chromed Structures, all you have to do is to throw a Chrome Splash onto your desired target.

Stay tuned for more sleek Fortnite news and tips!

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