Fortnite: Here’s How You Can Find Crash Pads

Credit: Epic Games

The battle royale game Fortnite is now taking a vacation for the summer, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot to do in the game, including the No Sweat summer event. Epic is always updating the game with new missions, improvements to the maps, and stuff to keep players engaged.

And now, after a significant amount of time had passed, even the crash pad was brought back into action. The fact that this item may save you from passing away in a number of different predicaments has made it a popular among players. Following this, we will demonstrate how to make use of the Crash Pads as well as where you can locate them.

What exactly are “Crash Pads”?

Crash Pads may be considered mobility products, but in addition to that, they serve a number of additional purposes. They serve to deflect the player’s attacks and shield them from falling harm if they land on them. They also have the ability to send other items into the air, such as cars, balls, or missiles. If you then put them on the ground near a structure, you will be able to swiftly seize the height or assault whomever is currently inhabiting the building if you shoot yourself on the roof.

It is important to keep in mind that, in contrast to the jump pads, you will not be able to open your glider after you have bounced off a crash pad. Additionally, if someone were to fire at the Crash Pad, it would be relatively simple to deflate it. In addition, the original Crash Pad will be obliterated if you attempt to hurl a new Crash Pad into a location where there is already one.


You may find Crash Pads pretty much everywhere, they can be found on the ground, in chests, or you could even get them as drops. During the course of completing the summer tasks known as “No Sweat,” you will most likely come across this item. You are completely ready for it now that you understand how it operates and what potential pitfalls there may be.

Susan Kowal
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