Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 All Exotic Weapons Locations – Check Out the Map

Source: Epic Games

Season 8 has just aired, and there is already a lot to get your hands on!

Exotic weapons are some of the greatest guns you can add to your collection. Unfortunately, they’re not easy to find, especially if you want something like the Burst Quad Launcher or the Dragon’s Breath Sniper.

We’ve compiled a cool list of everything you need to know, including a map with the Exotic weapons’ locations.

Exotic Weapons in Fortnite: How to Get Them

As previously said, Exotic weapons can be a bit challenging and hard to find. While Season 8 focuses on the new Sideways weapons, there are still many Exotic weapons worth collecting.

Gold Bars

You should know that the Exotic weapons can be acquired only by trading some sweet Gold Bars with specific NPCs that pop up at different locations on the island. So far, there’s great news: all the NPCs in Season 8 are STATIC!

Also, to earn more Gold Bars, you’ll need to complete missions or Bounties from NPCs or just search safes and shop tills to get them.

Exotic Weapons in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8: Locations

Epic Games has chosen to go back to basics in Season 8 so that we have only three Exotic weapons available to find around the island. We’ll surely get more in the future!

Here are all the Exotic weapons available:

  1. Dragon’s Breath Sniper – NPC: Pitstop  Location: Northeast of Boney Burbs  Price: 500 Bars
  2. Shadow Tracker – NPC: Dusk  Location: in the mountains just west of Lazy Lake  Price: 400 Bars
  3. Chug Cannon – NPC: The Brat  Location: Fork Knife Truck (north of Lazy Lake)  Price: 600 Bars
  4. Marksman Six Shooter – NPC: Wrath  Location: Inside the remains of Stealthy Stronghold  Price: 400 Bars

Check out the map below:

Source: Epic Games

The Exotic weapons aren’t as powerful as the Mythic ones. It’s up to you if it’s really worth spending your Gold Bard on such guns.

However, all the limited-time weapons and other collectibles in Fortnite are a fantastic way to turn your collection into a legendary one!

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