Find Now Orelia in Fortnite and Discover Her Story

Fortnite 16.40 update patch comes with a lot of new stuff, including the NPC female counterpart to Oro, the dazzling Orelia. 

The new update also adds some gameplay tweaks and weapon adjustments, but by far, the coolest addition is the mysterious Orelia. The NPC doesn’t come alone and bring her weapon and a feisty attitude. Curious to find her and get a brand new skin?

Here is what you need to know.

Orelia in Fortnite: Location Revealed

The new mysterious NPC Fortnite has just added is quite the catch. Orelia spawns in an entirely brand-new POI!

You can get to her by heading to the new island, south of the now-closed Flush Factory. The trip will be somewhat adventurous, so pack up your courage and best weapons.

Below, there is a map where you can find the new NPC:

Orelia is near the very bottom of the map, so be careful where you drop in off the Battle Bus, as many players will surely rush, too. 

New Lara Croft Skin

Once you finally arrive at Isla Nublada (the new island), go to the ground floor of the castle ruins where Orelia will be inside, standing fiercely next to a pedestal. 

Talk to Orelia, and you’ll get a brand-new Lara Crop Gold skin!

Pay Tribute to Orelia

As previously mentioned, Orelia stands near a pedestal that it’s more worthy than we thought.

The pedestal wears a Legendary Assault Rifle, which will surely make a great addition to your collection. However, taking the rifle right away is not a good idea.

Luckily, there is a way. Orelia will demand a tribute, and you’ll have to pay 750 Gold Bars. Of course, there is another way, but you better get ready for an instant attack.

The arrival of Orelia in Fortnite is quite mysterious and could hint at something more profound. Some fans think that the NPC is actually a version of Marigold, the female Midas. But, so far, Fortnite didn’t confirm anything.


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