Final Fantasy 16 Hidden Eikon – What to Know


Fans of the Final Fantasy franchise are eagerly waiting for Final Fantasy 16. The game will be a PS5 exclusive, and based on the reaction the trailer gained, it is safe to say that gamers are pretty excited about its release. Eikons and Dominants were revealed for the first time, including a peek at Shiva and Titan, as well as Phoenix.

One interesting thing to note is that the Final Fantasy 16 Eikons are connected to elements, one element each. For example, the Eikon of Earth is Titan, while Phoenix is the Eikon of Fire. In the case of Dark Eikons, we have the same connections to elements, having Ifrit the Dark Eikon of Fire. This means that it is reasonable to expect Eikons for the missing elements, Air and Water.

More than that, when connecting elements to countries, we have the Dhalmekian Republic associated with The Eikon of Earth and The Grand Duchy of Rosaria connected to the Eikon of Fire. We know there isn’t a dominant in The Crystalline Dominion, while The Iron Kingdom kills its dominants. However, with that in mind, two kingdoms do not have Eikons, and we also have two missing elements. The Kingdom of Waloed and the Holy Empire of Sanbreque appear to be Eikon-less at a first look.

To look closer at this, we can inspect the banner of each country. For instance, Rosaria is already associated with fire, and we can already see the Phoenix on its banner, who is coincidentally also the Eikon of Fire. Now moving to the Kingdom of Waloed, we can clearly see Sleipnir on its banner. The horse with six legs belongs to Odin in the Norse mythology. As this god is commonly associated with storms, it would not be farfetched to guess he is the Eikon of Air, or, at the very least, that he is the Eikon associated with Waloed.

Finally, The Crystalline Dominant has a banner that contains four representatives, one for each country with a Dominant. We can rule out the stone face, the Phoenix and Sleipnir, as they are associated with the other three holds. The remaining face is a mysterious feminine figure. Based on the blue color of this banner and the feminine presence, many believe that this empire has the Eikon of Water, who might be Shiva.

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