FIFA 23 Significantly Downgrades Cristiano Ronaldo’s Rating


FIFA 23 is just a month away from its launch, and there shall be plenty of improvements compared to the previous FIFA 22. Or at least that’s what EA is telling us, so who are we to contradict them? For today, we have some bad news for those who are big fans of the Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo.

Thanks to a Reddit post from GeorgeCuz, we found out that Ronaldo’s stats will be significantly lower for the Ultimate Team than most of the fans expected. Without disrespect for the iconic footballer, but we all have to think objectively and realize that the man has a venerable age. At 37 years old, your body cannot allow you to operate at the level you were doing it 10 or 20 years ago. It’s the same for Cristiano Ronaldo, whether the fans want to accept it or not.

Only 81-rated pace

Cristiano Ronaldo’s rating for his pace is only 81 in FIFA 23. However, his overall rating reaches 90, which is still very high for a FIFA footballer.

Ronaldo in FIFA 23, downgraded to 81 pace. Picture from full game! from FIFA

In the real world, Cristiano Ronaldo is currently the player of Manchester United, although he will probably be transferred this summer to a different team. He remains a key player for the Red Devils, where he mainly plays in the position of a central forward. He has also been playing as a winger for either one of two sides of the field. In fact, Ronaldo has been playing as a winger more than he has appeared as a striker throughout his long career.

Except for Ronaldo’s career at Manchester United, the Portuguese superstar has also been playing for Juventus (3 years), Real Madrid (9 years), and Sporting Lisabona (one year). Ronaldo became famous for his first performances at Manchester United between 2003 and 2009. He came back to the Premier League club in August 2021 after being transferred from Juventus Torino for a fee of 15 million euros.

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