FIFA 23 Hakan Calhanoglu FUT Level Up: the New Ultimate Team Card Can Now Be Yours


There’s a new cool card in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, one that you can’t miss out on! So, you are now able to get the FUT Level Up card for Hakan Calhanoglu. Check out all the details below and how to complete a task to get your FUT card. Are you excited?!

FIFA 23 Hakan Calhanoglu FUT Level Up: Insights

In a manner comparable to those of past FIFA 23 campaigns, the fresh FUT Level Up series provides chosen cards with considerable improvements to their overall statistics as well as their ratings. However, what distinguishes it from the other options is that after accomplishing certain in-game objectives, it grants an extra upgrade to any cards that have already been boosted. Quite impressive! Hakan Calhanoglu is the most recent participant to join this one-of-a-kind series.

As you can see below, Calhanoglu’s card has some of the most outstanding statistics:

  • Pace – 92
  • Shooting – 89
  • Passing – 96
  • Dribbling – 93
  • Defending – 88
  • Physicality – 87

Because of his recently improved statistics, Calhanoglu is classified as a Central Midfielder (CM), although he is also capable of playing in the positions of Central Attacking Midfielder (CAM) and Central Defensive Midfielder (CDM). In addition to that, he possesses Skills rated at 4 stars and a Weak Foot rated at 4 stars. However, his completed Final Fantasy Ultimate Team Level Up card includes even a 5-Star Weak Foot.

This one-of-a-kind card comes in a maximized edition that has a rating higher than 96 and other insane numbers:

  • Pace – 94
  • Shooting – 91
  • Passing – 97
  • Dribbling – 94
  • Defending – 90
  • Physicality – 89

How can you complete this brand new FUT Level Up mission objective?

To get the Hakan Calhanoglu FUT Level Up card, you will first need to demonstrate that you are capable of completing four different in-game challenges. You need to take part in a few different FUT matches, as described below:

  1. Help Required! During a single FUT game, you must assist on six different goals.
  2. To earn the winning difference, you must score at least two goals in each of three different FUT matches.
  3. The Italian Power achievement requires you to score in three separate FUT matches while playing a Serie A player.
  4. To earn the title of Winning Master, you must first win eight FUT matches with at least three players from Serie A in your starting eleven.

To use the card to its full potential, you must:

Possess three players from Serie A in your starting eleven, and also assist on a goal in five different FUT matches.

To fulfill the requirements of this objective, you can compete in any type of FUT match, including FUT Champions, Squad Battles, or Division Rivals. However, if you go with the Squad Battles mode, you won’t be able to play on any difficulty lower than the Semi-Pro setting.

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