F1 23’s Release Date Tipped For June 2023 – What to Expect?

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Great news for Formula 1 fans! Codemasters and EA Sports have just confirmed the release date for F1 23 for June 16. One of the best Formula 1 racing simulations will definitely come with a strong story mode as well as a number of tracks that aren’t on the 2018 F1 schedule but have recently become our all-time favorites. Are you exciting about the next chapter of F1?

Check out the F1 23 official trailer below:

F1 23’s Plot, Gameplay, and New Tracks

The second part of Braking Point is said to bring the most interest in terms of meaningful, out-of-the-ordinary characteristics and, of course, features. Aiden Jackson (the younger of the two playable drivers from the first chapter), alongside Devon Butler (the antagonist from F1 2021’s narrative mode debut), will actually make an epic return. They’ll be available as the top drivers for Konnersport Racing.

And get ready for this one: Max Verstappen and other real-life racers that we all love are expected to appear in the sequel to Braking Point’s live-action and pre-rendered sequences. How cool is that?!

What are your thoughts and expectations about the next chapter of F1 23?

The Lusail International Circuit in Qatar and the Las Vegas Strip Circuit, which will host the races in October and November, will both make their F1 23 debuts. But what’s best, though, is that at launch, a total of 26 courses will be featured!

If you played the game over the past three or four years, then you’re probably familiar with the “classic” tracks, which include the stunning Circuit Paul Ricard in France, the bold Shanghai International Circuit in China, and, of course, the Portimao (Algarve International Circuit in Portugal). The game’s devs also said that the possibility of further additions of tracks is totally possible!

F1 23 will also feature new controller tech to provide gamepad gamers “better control and confidence in those crucial race moments.” So, expect a sleek new in-game experience!

F1 23 will be air on June 16 with availability for:

  • Xbox One and Xbox Series X
  • PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5
  • Windows PC via the Steam, EA launcher, and Epic Games Store

A basic edition and a digital-only Champions Edition with a ton of exclusive in-game goodies will also be available!

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