Expert Says That the Worst COVID Variant Is Not Here Yet

Source: Pixabay
Source: Pixabay

The ongoing COVID pandemic has caused a lot of unwanted scenarios across the world. Nobody wants to see restrictions over restrictions, hospitalizations, deaths, and so on.  The vaccines were imposed in an attempt to stop the spread, but there are some issues here as well. As expected, not everybody wants them.

But even in the scenario when everybody accepts the vaccinations, what if a new variant of the coronavirus will appear and make the disease resistant to the jabs? Surely it sounds like a nightmare scenario, but it’s precisely what Dr. Mark Dybul predicts it will happen, according to Dybul is an immunologist and professor at the Department of Medicine from Georgetown University Medical Center.

The COVID vaccine-resistant variant will appear by 2022

Considering that 2021 is less than a month and a half away from its end, the dark prediction of Dr. Mark Dybul is very close to becoming true. However, the expert believes that it’s just a matter of time until the vaccine-resistant variant emerges, as he declared the following while quoted by

The faster we get boosted, the better off we’ll be for the next couple of months,

Sadly, every prediction I’ve made has pretty much come true. I hope I’m wrong this time, but I think by March, April, May, we will have a fully vaccine-resistant variant. There’s simply no way you can have such low rates of vaccination around the world with the virus ping-ponging between vaccinated and unvaccinated people. I’m an immunologist. The probability of us seeing a vaccine-resistant strain is very high.

Our World in Data reveals that 52.4% of the world’s population has accepted the COVID vaccination with at least one of the necessary doses. As for low-income countries, only 4.7% of people living in these areas have been vaccinated with at least one of the needed doses.


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