Duovox Mate Pro Camera Sees Full Color In The Dark

Credit: Duovox

The Duovox Mate Pro night vision camera claims to be able to take full-color photographs and films in almost total darkness..

New Mate Pro intends to “replace classic black-and-white infrared night vision gadgets,” says Duovox creator David Chen. It’s a little, inconspicuous gadget with an excellent low-light vision that’s aimed at night-time explorers, campers, and video makers. Kickstarter is presently accepting donations for the camera.

The camera

With the fixed lens protrusion, the Duovox Mate Pro is 11.4 centimeters wide by 7.6 centimeters deep by 2.125 inches Except for the fact that the lens is permanently mounted and cannot be removed, this is a little camera that stores neatly when not in use. It is your responsibility to keep the front element of the lens protected while the camera is not in use.

The lens takes up the majority of the camera’s 7.6 ounces (216 grams) weight, therefore it is quite top-heavy. Even while it won’t matter much when held in the hand, the camera will tilt forward as well as stay at a downward angle when placed on its own for framing a photo. The camera comes with a little tabletop tripod that can be attached to the camera’s 1/4-inch socket and used to get a better perspective.

On the camera’s top, there are six hard plastic buttons that control the camera’s plastic body chassis. On top of it there are four buttons that are shortcuts to various menu options. There is a non-tilting touchscreen display of 3-inches on the rear of the camera where these menus are accessible.

Using the Mate Pro’s touchscreen display, you may access a variety of settings and menus. Color as well as monochrome changing, screen lock activating, picture and video playback, an audio recording switch, Wi-Fi connection, and a flashlight control with three degrees of brightness are all immediately accessible. These include buttons for changing the camera mode (picture, video or vertical video), as well as for accessing camera mode menu preferences and system options.

Susan Kowal
Susan Kowal is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor/advisor, and health enthusiast.