Dragon Ball Super: Vegeta Once Again Seems to Be Surpassing Goku

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Even since the first moment when Vegeta laid eyes on Goku back in the old times of Dragon Ball Z, the Saiyan Prince developed a secret crush on him. No, we’re kidding, of course! Vegeta realized at that moment that the one he has always been calling ‘Kakarot’ is indeed something else than just another Saiyan warrior.

After a devastating battle between the two fighters, Vegeta left the Earth severely wounded. But the Saiyan Prince was more hurt in his pride rather than his physique – how could a “low-class soldier” like Goku, as Vegeta was calling him, be more powerful? Vegeta started to train hard to surpass his rival, and slowly but surely, the Saiyan Prince became one of the good guys.

Throughout most of Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super, Goku was one step in front of Vegeta in terms of power. The Prince of all Saiyans obviously couldn’t live with this thought, and he always tried to surpass his limits.

Did Vegeta surpass Goku during the fights against Gas?

We wrote in a previous article about Goku and Vegeta teaming up to take down Gas, probably the most powerful opponent the two Saiyans ever had to face. Goku and his old rival charged their powers all the way to their most powerful transformations – Ultra Instinct and Ultra Ego, respectively.

According to screenrant.com, a new chapter of the Dragon Ball Super Manga shows Vegeta proving to be more efficient than Goku at fighting Gas. The Saiyan Prince claims that the damage he’s receiving is only acting as fuel for him, making him even stronger as he fights.

Here’s a screenshot from the manga, where you can see Vegeta’s dialogue with Gas:

Source: screenrant.com

Vegeta was obviously in his Ultra Ego state, judging by the lack of his eyebrows. However, knowing very well how Dragon Ball usually works, it may still be way too early to declare Vegeta’s superiority over Goku. But it’s clear that the Saiyan Prince has a little upper hand at this point.


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