Dragon Ball Super Reveals New Exciting Stuff About a Surprise Wish Made By Bardock

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More and more Dragon Ball fans are confident that Bardock will be brought back to life. There’s no wonder why, as the Dragon Ball Super manga keeps revealing new stuff about the life of Goku’s father.

The ‘Granolah the Survivor’ saga keeps unveiling interesting facts about Saiyans who had their struggle against Frieza’s tyranny many years ago. Bardock was one of them, and the arc has shown that he even had his one-on-one against Gas, the member of the Heeters that Goku struggles to defeat today.

Bardock used the Dragon Balls to help Goku and Raditz

According to ComicBook.com, a recent chapter in the Dragon Ball Super manga revealed that Bardock had the chance to use the Dragon Balls in his favor to defeat Gas. But instead, he used them to help out his two sons, meaning Goku and Raditz, to ‘thrive.’ Planet Vegeta was destroyed when the two brothers were just infants, and it could mean that Bardock’s wish was to make sure they were able to escape.

Oddly enough, Goku and Raditz took entirely different paths in life. While the beloved Saiyan became the savior of the Earth multiple times, Raditz became a space pirate when he grew up. Goku, or Kakarot by his real name, was sent to Earth to kill all life on it. But it was thanks to a bump in the head suffered on Earth that made Goku a good person when he was an infant. When Raditz first came to Earth to see if his brother had done the “job,” Goku had no other choice but to fight his close relative to death.

It’s great to see that even today, Dragon Ball unveils so many exciting stuff from the past. It will probably continue likewise for a lot of time, as that’s precisely one of the trademarks of the legendary franchise.

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