Dragon Ball Super Manga Reveals a Surprising Side of Raditz

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Raditz, the evil brother of Goku, had one of the most badass entrances in the history of Dragon Ball. Back in the very first episodes of Dragon Ball Z, when he was introduced, Raditz was shown as bad to the bone. He was ruthless and unmerciful to anyone.

Raditz started by kidnapping Goku’s son, the 5-year-old Gohan. Goku needed to team up with Piccolo to take down Raditz, and the price paid was huge: Goku died in the battle along with his evil brother.

SPOILER ALERT! If you don’t wish to be spoiled, stop reading!

ComicBook.com tells us about the latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super Manga, and we can see in a flashback a totally never-seen-before side of Raditz. The Saiyan who is evil enough to be willing to kill even his own brother is seen as gently playing with a beetle.

Raditz was a space pirate traveling between planets and conquering them alongside Vegeta, back in the days when the Saiyan Prince was evil to the core. Nappa was another Saiyan joining the two, and all of them were doing dirty work for Frieza.

Raditz will always be remembered as Goku’s older brother and also the guy who revealed to our hero his true origin. It was first mentioned at the beginning of Dragon Ball Z that Goku is an alien and a member of the Saiyan race. However, Goku was considered a low-class warrior at first, being highly inferior in strength to other Saiyans such as Raditz, Nappa, and even Vegeta at first. But thanks to frequent training, Goku managed to become far stronger than anybody would have thought possible.

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