Dragon Ball Brings Back Another Movie-Based Character

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If you’ve seen Super Dragon Ball Heroes, you’re already well aware that the series has been pretty good at bringing back old characters and transformations from the franchise. Everybody has been happy to see Goku turning Super Saiyan 4 once again, for instance, and it’s great to see that the writers didn’t stop there.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes is back in business with a brand new season, and it already impresses the fans. If the presence of Future Trunks didn’t surprise many people, maybe the arrival of an old friend of his will do it.

Welcome back, Tapion!

The Ultra God Mission is the new arc in charge, and it showcases the confrontation between Tapion and Trunks. For those Dragon Ball fans who are younger and don’t know who Tapion is, they must know that he’s the hero of the Dragon Ball Z: Wrath of the Dragon movie that was released over a quarter of a century ago in 1995.

The new arc from Super Dragon Ball Heroes sees Goku and the gang as they’re being recruited to fight in a new tournament. But not just any tournament! This tournament sees the gathering of various Dragon Ball characters from different timelines of the entire franchise.

We’re eagerly waiting to find out what other Dragon Ball characters will be revived next in the anime.

We’re expecting to see Goku as he’s among the strongest ones in his Ultra Instinct state, and we’re eager to find out who he’ll be confronting in the tournament.

Goku Black will also show his power in the Ultra God Mission arc, and he’ll certainly be up to no good once again. He’s in fact Zamasu, an evil deity who stole Goku’s body from a different timeline. Goku Black was also seen in the Dragon Ball Super anime when he gave the real Goku and the gang a very tough time.

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