Do You Drink Too Much Coffee? New Survey Results


We run on coffee, and that’s a fact. A recent survey shows how 65 % of Americans drink a coffee daily, while 68 %, more than 2 cups. And that’s not all.

The results match many estimates which indicate that adults drink an average of 180-190 mg of caffeine daily, meaning 2-3 cups of coffee. However, some people drink between 250-300 mg/day, and that’s just fine.

If you’re part of one of the “squads” above, you’re safe. Researchers think that 400mg/day is perfectly normal. What’s over that “limit” is concerning.

Here is what you need to know.

Coffee Lovers Watch Out: Side Effects Unveiled


According to recent research, once we drink more than 400mg/day of caffeine, we might encounter some negative symptoms. But how can we know if we’re drinking too much coffee? Do we have to count our drinks? Well, not necessarily.

We can figure all out by observing any change in our behaviour or mental state. 

Among the adverse side effects of consuming too much caffeine, are disrupted sleep quality, headaches, and the risk of high blood pressure. 

Listen to your body

A 2020 research aimed to determine how the amount of coffee we consume is linked to mental and physical health measures. 727 university students were surveyed, and the results are concerning.

The participants were asked to report how much coffee they drink daily and their mental health status. 

The results

Researchers discovered that participants who drink too much coffee (more than 400mg/day) reported these symptoms:

  • headaches, 
  • feelings of worthlessness,
  • spells of panic or terror,
  • worrying too much,
  • feeling caught or trapped.

What Should You Do

If you drink a lot of coffee and experience one of the symptoms mentioned above, consider reducing your cups of coffee. Note if something changes. 

Also, try finding a substitute. Tea can be an excellent idea or exercise a bit and take a walk in the park. Remember that you can always seek medical advice if your symptoms persist!



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