Did You Know That Microsoft Delete the Difficult Xbox Achievement in the Game Pass Title?

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Xbox users will be really pleased with the recent news about one Microsoft change! The tech giant has decided to delete an accomplishment that was proving too difficult for the community, making it easier for Xbox achievement seekers to acquire all 1000G Gamerscore in the Xbox Game Pass title Homestead Arcana. So, get ready for new in-game experiences!

Like you probably know by now, the achievement’s requirement that you “make one of every craftable item in the game” is certainly doable. This was already a challenging undertaking, but there was a bug surrounding the green ankle boots that made things exponentially worse. Players who have otherwise attained 100% competition in the farming title have expressed displeasure that the missing recipe continues to evade them.

What do you think of this Xbox change? Or should we call it an upgrade?!

The Xbox Game Pass farming simulator is a deep entry in its genre, but the extra effort required to unlock all 35 achievements may be too much for some players. Can you recall such a thing? But now, some Xbox Series X players on the True Achievements forum have reported that the 100G You Can Never Be Too Prepared achievement, the biggest of those available, has been deleted from the list of requirements.

Also, let’s get into account another game title. For example, the total playtime of Homestead Arcana ranges from 12-40 hours, depending on the player’s actions. Microsoft’s decision to remove this accomplishment will make it much simpler for you to experience everything that this casual farming simulator has to offer. Quite impressive, isn’t it?!

Only in the last few days has this turned. If Microsoft were to unilaterally redistribute Gamerscore over preexisting achievements, it would be one of very few such instances. After the fact, True Achievements issued a statement clarifying that the problem had been resolved.

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