Dashlane Update: New Passwordless Login Feature Will Roll Out Soon

Credit: 9to5Mac

If you don’t know what Dashlane is, well, we need to set some things straight! One of the most well-known password management programs (and coolest), Dashlane, has just been updated. The app is actually ditching its master password, replacing it with a sleek new password-free thingy. The devs made the announcement recently and even detailed how the new feature would use either a PIN code like in the good ol’ days or biometrics.

What’s best is that the new Dashlane update also deals smoothly with phishing efforts, social engineering, and it could even help you if you forget your password! So, from now on, you will easily authenticate via a PIN code or biometrics rather than a standard password to access your Dashlane database. Quite impressive, isn’t it?! Check out the new update in action:

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Here’s what other features the new Dashlane update brings:

  • The transition to a passwordless login includes a new, quicker device setup process utilizing a registered device
  • Without a Master Password, you may still securely PIN your account or using biometrics when creating a Dashlane account on a mobile device
  • You can restore access to your account via a recovery key if you lose your device

Moreover, passwords for other websites and services may also be stored using Dashlane’s support. It may seem counter-intuitive, but you simply can’t use a passkey to secure your entire Dashlane account. How cool is that?!

According to Dashlane, the devs are now testing the new passwordless login mechanism and intend to actually make it completely available soon! One of the best things, though, is that Google recently announced complete support for utilizing passkeys to sign into your Google Account (yay!).

The Dashlane app sure did come a long way, right?! And the great thing is how the devs keep improving our in-app experience by bringing major updates.

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