CUBE Entertainment’s LIGHTSUM to Resume Activities

Credit: CUBE Entertainment

On the 7th of July, the agency announced that a makeup staff employee of the band tested positive for the SARS-CoV-2 virus and that the LIGHTSUM girls would self-quarantine. Since then, the eight girls of the LIGHTSUM band have been tested for the COVID-19 virus, and the results came negative. Even so, CUBE Entertainment decided to allow the girl to self-isolation as they were direct contacts of the person infected.

LIGHTSUM girls are here to stay

After being tested again, the negative results brought good news for LIGHTSUM fans. The agency announced that the girl and resuming their activities. The band debuted last month, and their single ’Vanilla’ has been a success. Sources mention that the group is the first girl group to debut under CUBE Entertainment since 2018. The girl mentioned that they have been working hard and that they started as trainees when they were young. The eight members are Nayoung, Chowon, Hina, Sangah, Jian, Juhyeon, Huiyeon and Yujeong. Some of them are already familiar with survival shows such as Produce 48 and The Unit.

The girls confessed that the survival shows and the experience of working with so many talented people have helped them grow and learn new things. Chowon also trained to become an actor and according to the interview, she feels that both music and acting are similar. Jian and Sangah are the rappers, and they have been training hard for the last couple of months. Hina wanted to become a singer because she was fascinated with how idols move and dance. Yujeong became more confident and open thanks to cheerleading.

Nayoung felt blessed to have fans’ support during the survival shows, and she feels that her dancing skills help her a lot. Juhyeon is passionate about writing and producing music, and she is working hard on achieving this goal.

Cezara Radu
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