COVID-19: Some Scientists Believe That a Future Strain Will Bypass Vaccines

Source: Pixabay
Source: Pixabay

COVID-19 seems to have returned with improved forces. The new Delta variant is ravaging the US and many other parts of the world. Vaccinations are working for the most part, according to medical experts. Officials are frequently urging people to get vaccinated. But what if the vaccines themselves won’t be enough anymore?

Unfortunately, it’s normal for a virus to mutate. It’s also the case of the one causing the COVID-19 disease. It means the virus’ natural struggle to survive. A new study was published by the official scientific advisory group of the UK Government, where British academics reveal that they find it “almost certain” that a future COVID strain will emerge and lead to “current vaccine failure”.

There’s no “unbeatable” COVID variant circulating now

The analysis also brings some good news. Despite the fact that the conclusion is only theoretical, there’s no proof that such a devastating and vaccine-resistant new COVID strain is circulating at the moment.

Is there any solution? According to the same scientists, there are some things to consider, although they’re not representing one hundred percent efficiency. The members behind the new scientific study recommend the authorities to continue reducing the virus transmission as much as they can. Furthermore, they also say that research should be focused on finding new vaccines. These drugs should prevent not only hospitalizations and disease but also induce high mucosal immunity.

As for the current vaccines the world has against COVID, Our World in Data brings some interesting statistics. 28.3% of the entire world population has been vaccinated for COVID-19 with at least the first dose. 14.6% of the planet’s population is fully vaccinated. A staggering number of 4.14 billion doses were administered worldwide.

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