Best Weapons for Mika in Genshin Impact: A Comprehensive Guide

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Mika is a one-of-a-kind Cryo support character in Genshin Impact, using a polearm as his primary weapon and a crossbow in combat animations. Nevertheless, because crossbows do not exist as weapon components in the game, players must only equip him with a polearm. Mika has buffs that scale on his maximum Health and improve Physical damage, favoring complete physical team compositions. As a result, it is critical to choose the appropriate build for Mika according on the position you want him to play in his squad, such as a pure healer, buffer, or main DPS.
Players must examine the Constellations they receive on Mika in order to optimize his stats. When players pull duplicate Mika in Event Wishes, Constellation levels become available. Mika will receive more Energy Recharge once you reach C4, allowing players to prioritize HP % increase for more healing. According on these criteria, the following are the greatest Genshin weapons for Mika:

  • Mika’s Top Five-Star Polearms

The best weapons in Genshin Impact are five-star weapons, which are often difficult to obtain because they are only available in banners that players must Wish for. Because it provides critical damage as a bonus stat and raises HP % as a passive, the Staff of Homa is an excellent pick for players who wish to play Mika as a buffer. It’s also an excellent option for players who want to gear up Mika as their team’s main DPS.

Another fantastic option is the Staff of the Scarlet Sands, which also has a decent critical rate as a bonus. This weapon is ideal for Mika as a primary DPS or if players intend to keep him on the field after reaching C4. Finally, because to the Energy Recharge and attack speed boosts, which increase the same buff Mika grants with his Elemental Skill, the Skyward Spine is a good weapon for Mika. If a player reaches C4 with Mika, they can swap out this weapon.

  • Mika’s Top Four-Star Polearms

If players are new to the game or are unwilling to spend as much time and money on Mika as they would on other characters, four-star weapons can be good compromises if they can refine them. The Favonius Lance is the go-to choice for supports due to its passive that minimizes the amount of Energy required to charge up skills while also providing excellent Energy Recharge. If you want to create Mika as a buffer and need additional Energy Recharge but don’t have the Staff of Homa, you can utilize the Prototype Starglitter instead.
The Deathmatch, a polearm obtained by purchasing a battle pass, is likewise an excellent choice for Mika, as it works for all other Polearm users. With of the HP % boost, it is ideal for Mika as a main DPS or healer.

  • Mika’s Free-to-Play Weapons

When players are still at low levels, they can employ free-to-play weapons that are easy to polish and level up and may even be better than four-star or five-star weapons. The Black Tassel is a weapon that can be obtained from the Standard Banner or from random chests. While its unique passive increases Slime damage, it also provides a respectable HP percent gain, giving it a viable option for support characters whose abilities scale on maximum HP. The White Tassel, on the other hand, is an excellent choice for players who want to use Mika as their primary DPS. It provides a critical rate substat and an increase in physical damage, which fits Mika’s overall playstyle and interaction with other characters.

Finally, the greatest weapons for Mika in Genshin Impact are determined by a variety of factors.

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