Best Protective Cases for the iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max

The newest generation of iPhones is made to last, but these phones are still way too costly to risk damaging or even completely destroying them.

With that being said, if you are the proud owner of an iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max, you should definitely get a good iPhone case to protect it from accidental drops, bumps or even scratches!

But how do you choose one when there are so many different ones on the market?

After all, a good case for your phone should be slim but durable while also fitting your aesthetic.

To make shopping for one as easy as possible, we have compiled a list of some of the best cases for your iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max!

Keep in mind that they are not featured in any particular order so you can decide for yourself which is the best for you!

1. TAURI [5 in 1] for iPhone 14 Pro Case Clear

This case has precise cutouts so you can easily access all speakers, buttons and charger slots without adding any bulk to your new phone.

It also comes with an orange alignment installation border that will help you apply the screen protector to perfection.

It is ultra thin, comfortable to the touch and provides military grade protection for your phone.

The camera lens protector will protect your camera without affecting the quality of your pictures or videos in the slightest.

The case has 4 built-in corner Airbags, able to absorb nearly any impact and protect against bumps scratches and drops.

This transparent case will remain crystal clear for as long as you’ll use so you don’t have to worry about it getting yellow with use.

2. Mkeke for iPhone 14 Pro Case Clear

This clear case is for those who want to show off the color and logo of their iPhone while also protecting it from any accidental drops, scratches and bumps.

Furthermore, it is designed with raised bezels so that it lifts both the screen and the camera off of flat surfaces, preventing any possible scratches that could happen this way.

The 4 corners have built-in airbags as well as bumper thickness with a raise of 3.9mm, effective enough to buffer any pressure to the device effectively.

It is made out of clear polycarbonate and flexible materials and remains super slim in spite of how durable and protective it is.

The buttons are pronounced to make pressing them easier and more tactile.

It’s easy to install and remove.

It comes with a 2 years warranty.

3. TORRAS Shockproof Designed for iPhone 14 Pro Case

This is a shockproof case that provides 3X military standard protection!

It is made with tough polycarbonate and flexible rubber, making it really strong against daily wear and tear.

Furthermore, it has built in 360° impact dispersion airbags as well as 3rd gen X-SHOCK anti-collision angle technology on all four corners!

In addition to how highly protective this case is, it also features a sleek, fresh and minimalist design.

Not to mention that the soft rubber surface is equipped with a new Nappa texture which makes it super easy to hold onto, preventing most accidental drops.

The cutouts are precise and the edges are square, fitting the phone perfectly in order to prevent dust from entering.

It’s also highly scratch-resistant and anti-fingerprint, even more so than most such cases due to the fact that it’s made out of high-quality German imported materials.

The new Nano Oleophobic coating ensures that the case feels silky to the touch and not sticky at all!

4. Spigen Ultra Hybrid

Another great case if you wish to flaunt the phone’s original color and finish since it’s crystal clear!

It also boasts hybrid technology made out of a TPU bumper with a PC back that is really durable.

It’s designed with raised bezels in order to lift the camera and the screen off of flat surfaces, preventing accidental scratches.

The buttons are pronounced and therefore easy to press and feel and the cutouts are quite large in order to accommodate most cables.

5. FireNova Designed for iPhone 14 Pro Case

This case is made with environmentally friendly silicone of premium quality, offering a safe, comfortable, nonslip hold.

Furthermore, on the inside there is a soft microfiber lining that acts like an extra padding to protect your phone from bumps and scratches.

It comes with two military grade tempered glass screen protectors and they are also really easy to install, leaving behind no bubbles.

The Hydrophobic and Oleophobic coating is sure to protect your screen from fingerprints and liquid reside as well, all the while maintaining the best image clarity and touch response sensitivity.

There is also a really unique camera cover built in to keep the lens from getting broken or even just dusty.

Thanks to the precise cutouts, the case allows for easy access to all ports and buttons.

The brand offers lifetime replacements for its cases, ensuring their durability and great functionality.

6. Simtect Ultra Clear for iPhone 14 Pro Case

This case is made out of premium DE Bayer materials.

It is so crystal clear that it will not alter the phone’s original color in the slightest!

With that being said, you shouldn’t worry about that changing in time due to the case turning yellow, either!

It will stay looking like new for a really long time thanks to the Nano Oleophobic layer and the anti-fingerprints electroplate coating, blocking 99.9 percent of all stains, fingerprints and UV rays.

It is designed with raised bezels, preventing the camera and the phone screen from touching surfaces and getting scratched as a result.

Not to mention that the backboard is made out of strong anti scratch polycarbonate!

This product comes with a lifetime warranty!

7. CASEKOO KooShock for iPhone 14 Pro Case

This case is equipped with the newest shock protection system and made out of a material that absorbs the shock like none other as well!

In fact, it meets twice the military drip test standard so you can rest assured that your phone will be fine if you ever drop it.

The screen and camera are also protected thanks to the 2.5mm and 1.5mm bezels since these are the areas most prone to scratches.

It has a matte touch feel that is soft and delicate to the touch all the while preventing fingerprints and other smudges.

The grip is comfortable and the case also benefits from a nonslip design that does exactly what you think.

The non slip texture can be found on both sides of the frame and the streamlined curved edge only adds to this safety feature.

Finally, you’ll be happy to know that both the materials and the production process are climate friendly.

8. LUTTY Compatible with iPhone 14 Pro Case

This case has 0.3mm raises all around in order to protect your camera from scratches.

The precise cutting will protect your phone from dust and dirt all the while allowing for unaffected access to all buttons and plugs.

It is made out of soft TPU material able to absorb most impact shock, avoiding all kinds of damage including scratches.

The material feels good to the touch as well, being smooth, and soft but also durable and easy to clean.

There are also four reinforced bumpers on the corners, protecting your device in case of accidental drops.

The rubber bumper edges and camera edges use electroplating technology.

Furthermore, the gold plating surrounding will give your phone an air of luxury and sophistication and you can rest assured that it will never fade, staying like new for as long as you’re willing to use it.

9. GVIEWIN Case Compatible with iPhone 14 Pro

This case is designed with a durable hard PC back as well as four soft TPU corner bumpers, ensuring that your phone remains as protected as possible all the while remaining comfortable to hold and use every day.

It will keep your device from damage called by accidental drops, scratches or impacts.

This product includes the case but also a tempered glass screen protector and a camera lens protector.

The design is slim and lightweight even though it is so protective and durable.

Furthermore, the design being both clear and featuring a classy flower pattern will allow you to show off your phone’s original look while also adding a bit of your own personality to it.

And thanks to the manufacturer using a unique printing technique, you can rest assured that the patterns will not fade, smudge or rub off.

Meanwhile, the premium Thermoplastic Polyurethanes materials used will ensure that the clear parts of the case will not turn yellow in time.

10. LONLI – (for iPhone 14 Pro) – Florescent Iridescent Translucent Matte Case

If you want a case that is truly special to the point that it feels like magic, this one from LONLI might just be for you! This is because its color changes depending on light and movement!

But while the design is pretty, this case is not any less tough and protective.

The inner bumper is able to protect your phone from up to 10 feet drops!

The switches, buttons and all other functions work perfectly and the raised edges will also keep your screen and camera from getting scratched while on flat surfaces.

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