Best Back Scratchers On The Market

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One of the most uncomfortable feelings we get as humans are random itches and what makes them even more annoying is when they happen on a body part that we cannot quite reach, such as the back. That is when we realize how great it would be to have a handy little device to help us take care of it in just a couple of seconds.

Back scratchers are definitely not rocket science but they get the job done and sometimes, they are interestingly shaped as well, if you know your options, so they could even become conversation pieces among your family and close friends or even fun presents to give to them on different occasions!

As for what you need to look out for before purchasing one, aside from a fun shape, here are a few things to keep in mind!

First of all, choose a sturdy, long-lasting material that will not let you down in the middle of a scratch.

The best options are stainless steel, wood, and even plastic. Just read the reviews or check out this article to make sure you purchase a durable one.

The main point is that not all back scratchers are made the same, even though you might think so before actually exploring the massive number of options on the market.

They all seem simple, but some are definitely better than others and some are even fun or fancier than you would think.

Just make sure you avoid using a back scratcher directly on your skin if you have any open wounds, redness, irritation of any kind, scratches or other signs of an allergic reaction. You might end up causing more harm than good.

But if it is a simple pesky itch annoying you because your skin is a little dry or any other reason, then they are safe – although it is much better to use them over clothes anyway, just to be sure.

Other things to consider are: the length, portability, material, handle, durability, and more.

But whether they are made of metal, wood or plastic, which are the most common materials, they are usually all effective, so choose the material based on your personal preference. Just avoid flimsy ones.

Here are a few of the best back scratchers on the market!

WOVTE Bear Claw Telescopic Back Scratcher

The WOVTE Bear Claw Telescopic Back Scratcher is available in blue, black, or red and is shaped like a claw. This means that it actually helps get rid of an itch a little bit faster than other such products.

Furthermore, it is designed with a rubber grip that will make holding it much more comfortable and less likely to drop it.

But perhaps the most attractive feature of this product is the stainless steel extendable pole since it makes it super portable, allowing you to take it anywhere, anytime!

Laifugo Long Back Scratcher

The second option is actually much more than just a back scratcher. It is actually designed to be a two-in-one product that has a rolling massager on one end and a classic scratcher on the other.

The versatility of it is what has attracted so many happy customers that were excited to give it amazing reviews.

“Very nice product. Well constructed. The massage end of the back scratcher is really good for the shoulders. I would definitely purchase again or recommend to a friend,” one reviewer says.

As for the materials, it is a combination of several, including tough plastic and resin, the latter of which is effective in getting rid of an itch without actually hurting the skin in any way due to its smooth texture.

The finger-tip design helps a lot with tackling an itch faster while the massage roller is relaxing and relieves pain and stress instantly.

Bearback Back Scratcher

If you are looking for a less traditional take on a back scratcher, then the Bearback Back Scratcher is the one for you!

Instead of a claw shape or teeth, this one features a number of bristles that can help you comfortably and efficiently get rid of any back itch.

And because it is basically a brush, it can more comfortably be used on other parts of the body as well, in addition to the back, promoting both exfoliation and healthy blood circulation.

What on Earth Basswood Cat Back Scratcher

This tool is a great conversation piece, or you can still just enjoy looking at its cute, quirky design by yourself. It will certainly bring a smile to your face, especially if you are a big cat lover!

But, of course, it is not only adorable, it is also highly efficient in getting rid of any back itch!

And since it is made from basswood, it’s one of the most durable back scratchers out there.

It is 19 inches long, meaning that it can reach your itch no matter how far it is on your body, the only slight inconvenience being that it does not retract or fold in any way, so it is harder to take places if you are someone who travels a lot.

Since it is so cute, however, it makes for a great present for fellow cat lovers as well, according to reviewers, which is not something you can say about most back scratchers.

Reach That Itch Folding Back Scratcher

Speaking of traveling, most back scratchers can be taken along, but because of their length and awkward shape, it is not the easiest thing to do, especially if you don’t have a piece of big luggage.

But this product solves that issue due to the fact that it folds into thirds and even comes with its very own travel pouch!

You can take it on holiday or even keep it in your car. It is made from high-impact ABS plastic, which means that it is durable and will not bend out of shape or even break during traveling.

It extends to no less than 18 inches, reaching across your entire back with no problem.

Kinsman Enterprises Reach N Scratch Plastic Finger

If you suffer from low mobility or have a shoulder injury, you might find it hard to use a classic back scratcher since reaching over your shoulder with it might feel like a total nightmare.

But the Kinsman Enterprises Reach N Scratch Plastic Finger can solve that issue since it has a long 24-inch handle that bends!

By using this, you will be able to reach any spot on your back without any pain, by simply holding it in a comfortable position.

Furthermore, it features a molded plastic finger that will make scratching your back feel like using an actual hand to do it.

Cactus Back Scratcher Travel Size

The Cactus Back Scratcher is perfect for traveling thanks to its size and the fact that it is not a stick like most other back scratchers.

It comes with aggressive and milder spikes so you can enjoy exactly the amount of pressure you need when scratching and they are placed on a rope with two grip ball handles at each end.

This design will allow you to tackle any itch on your body without even having to reach back at all to do it.

Furthermore, it comes in a variety of colors from yellow to blue so you can choose your favorite.

The only inconvenience you might find is the unique design itself, however. While it is a great option for some, others may not like that you need both hands to operate.

Maple Landmark Owl Back Scratcher

This is another back scratcher design that is a great conversation starter as well as a fun gift to give a loved one since it is shaped like an owl and comes with a hilarious message.

More precisely, it features a taloned owl on one end, the end that is used for scratching, while the pun: ‘Owl I want is a backscratch,’ is written across.

The handle is 17.5-inches and is made from hardwood, shined up with a plant-based finish.

A con with this product is the fact that the scratcher is set vertically instead of horizontally like many other back scratchers, which some might find a bit difficult to use and not as precise as the traditional models.

BambooWorx Body Relaxation Massager Set

Last but not least, the BambooWorx Body Relaxation Massager Set is, as its name suggests, a set, so you know you will get good value for your money!

It includes no less than four different tools you can use for either scratching or massaging your back.

The said tools are all made from 100% natural bamboo wood and are: a rolling wheel massager, a thin massager, a ball massager, and finally a standard back scratcher.

The set also comes with a pretty box, which means that it can also make for a nice gift for loved ones you know would enjoy something like this.

Susan Kowal
Susan Kowal is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor/advisor, and health enthusiast.