Ayaneo 2S Features an AMD Ryzen 7000 Chip That Offers Sleek Performance

Credit: Ayaneo

Watch out, Steam Deck and ASUS ROG Ally! You will definitely face some tough competition from the Ayaneo 2S thanks to its AMD Ryzen 7000 Chip and smooth performance. The next Ayaneo 2S portable console, which resembles a Steam Deck, will draw its power from an AMD CPU (similar to the ASUS Rog Ally), according to a recent presentation from Ayaneo. The Ryzen 7 7840U, which is rumored to be almost identical to the AMD Z1 Extreme featured in the Ally, is most likely the mighty AMD Ryzen 7000 processor. Additionally, a three-pipe cooler and other much-needed enhancements will be included with the Ayaneo 2S. Are you ready for it?

Ayaneo 2S Features and Specs: What to Expect?

First things first, Ayaneo 2S has somehow the same design as its predecessor, the Ayaneo 2. However, there are some sleek features that will definitely catch your attention. For example, there will be some internal upgrades, including the new 7000 series CPU with Radeon 780M graphics that promises “substantial performance gains in the low TDP 8-15W gold range.” To recall, the Ayaneo 2 draws its power from a 6800 series CPU.

Last but not least, in addition to the new Ayaneo 2S, the company also promises some cool updates for current handhelds. And that certainly includes a free speaker update for the Ayaneo Air, while the Ayaneo 2 and Ayaneo Geek will receive a complimentary cooling module that may reduce temps by 12 degrees. Quite impressive, isn’t it?!

Alongside the next-gen Ayaneo S2, the Ayaneo Geek 1S was also introduced, which is essentially a stripped-down version of the Ayaneo 2. The only difference is that the gadget comes with an 800p screen but with the same Ryzen 7000 CPU.

At the end of April, the Ayaneo 2S and Geek 1s will be added to Indiegogo. Moreover, in mid-May, orders will be available, with delivery scheduled at the end of June.

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