Apple Holds the Supremacy in 2021 for the World’s Best-Selling Smartphones


It’s not a secret to anybody that iPhones are still selling incredibly well despite being usually more expensive than Android-based gadgets. It seems that Huawei lost the battle for supremacy in 2021 when it comes to selling the most smartphones, although the Chinese firm has taken the lead for a few months a while ago, leaving behind both Samsung and Apple.

Counterpoint Research made a list of the top smartphones that sold the best in the last year, and Apple is by far dominating the ranking. There’s not one, not two, not three, but seven iPhones present in the list! That’s just mind-boggling, and we would be curious to find out how Apple managed to sell its products so well in 2021! The eternal strife “iPhones or Android phones” seems not to bring an irrefutable argument.

iPhone 12 is the best-selling smartphone in 2021

iPhone 12 even managed to surpass its successor iPhone 13 in terms of units sold, which is amazing. The latter is arguably better for its hardware capabilities. However, he’s the list of the ten best selling phones in 2021:

  1. Apple iPhone 12
  2. Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max
  3. Apple iPhone 13
  4. Apple iPhone 12 Pro
  5. Apple iPhone 11
  6. Samsung Galaxy A12
  7. Xiaomi Redmi 9A
  8. Apple iPhone SE 2020
  9. Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max
  10. Xiaomi Redmi 9

We have to admit that the rest of the gadgets present in the list aren’t surprising at all. Xiaomi managed to sell a lot of interesting phones over recent years, and the Chinese firm has built a reputation as a manufacturer that sells cheap and powerful phones. As for Samsung, well, it’s Samsung. This company doesn’t need any kind of presentation anymore, although we were expecting to see more than one of its smartphones present on the list.

What do you think? Are iPhones usually better than devices that run on Android? Leave us your opinion in the comment section!

Cristian Antonescu
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