Apex Legends Reveals Season 14 Teaser For A Potential New Legend

With just over two weeks remaining before Season 13 of Apex Legends concludes, developer Respawn Entertainment is working hard to get players amped up for Season 14. The Apex Legends Twitter page went back in time to provide light on the origins of a prospective new Legend, despite the fact that developer Respawn is focused on the future of the game.

When Respawn published Apex Legends in 2019 with no advance warning, the battle royale genre was taken by storm. Although Apex Legend is best known as a shooter and battle royale game, it has gained acclaim for the attention it has paid to world-building and narrative through its characters, who inhabit the same universe as the popular Titanfall series. An unidentified figure spends two months documenting their time on the planet with their mother. The diarist writes on how their time spent hunting has shaped them as a person and ends on a touching note to their mother, wishing there would be more people in the world to meet.

At the conclusion of the entries, it is revealed that the protagonist has been conversing with their firearm while adventuring throughout the barren planet, and a cartoonish caricature of the author is seen to have been drawn alongside the text. Some fans have speculated that this mysterious figure is really Vantage, one of the nine Legends exposed in a March data breach.

A lot of people doubted the authenticity of the leak when it first appeared in March of Season 12. When Season 13 brought in Newcastle, who was involved in the leak, it became immediately clear how accurate it was. The leak also revealed character powers, suggesting that Vantage is a recon-based character who utilizes her sniper rifle to acquire information on adversaries’ vitals if this information proves to be correct. Echo, Vantage’s companion drone, would likely serve a purpose similar to that of Crypto’s drone.

Susan Kowal
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