Another Samsung Phone Gets the Expert RAW Camera App


Smartphone cameras are powerful enough, and that area will most likely receive even more attention from developers in the near future. But even so, Samsung’s Expert RAW camera app is able to create an unexpected experience for many, as it’s capable of multi-frame capture to allow the user to edit and shoot like a pro.

The app was launched for Samsung’s Galaxy S21 Ultra model. Many users were delighted by the app’s powerful functionalities. They also have the chance to activate the Best in Class Zoom or the Quick View.

The Expert RAW Camera app is available for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

According to, you can already get your hands on the Expert RAW Camera app for your Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 phone. You can download the software from the Galaxy Store. One of the best aspects here is that the app is free!

Here’s how Samsung describes the app:

The new Expert RAW* app takes the power of the Galaxy S21 Ultra to even greater levels of epic. Watch how wildlife photographer Shaaz Jung tames the unpredictable beauty of nature and masters its imagery with a few taps.

There’s no wonder why Samsung made such a move. Galaxy Z Fold 3 is a flagship, without any doubt! We’re talking about a gadget that features a Snapdragon 888 5G processor, 12GB of RAM, a huge foldable Dynamic AMOLED display of 7.6 inches with a refresh rate of 120Hz, a battery of 4,400mAh, and so on.

The device comes equipped with Android 11 out of the box, and it’s upgradable to Android 12. Galaxy Z Fold 3 is also available in two versions of storage: 256GB and 512GB. It may come as a surprise for many that the manufacturer didn’t decide to add a card slot as well.

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