Amazon’s Ring Unveils The Flying Surveillance Drone For Your Home

Credit: Ring

Ring demonstrated a prototype gadget towards the tail end of the year 2020, which the company assured will be available to consumers at some time in the future. The Always Home Cam is a little drone that can fly about your house and keep an eye out for burglars even when you’re not there to do it yourself. Now, at CES 2023, the business provided us a first real-world glimpse at the hardware in flight; however, it has not yet committed to a delivery date or pricing for the product.

The device as a whole seems less like a surveillance drone and more like a kitchen countertop appliance, like a smart bread container or anything along those lines. It is a touch bigger than it seems in Ring’s early demo videos, but not by very lot. Despite the fact that it does not look like any other drone available on the market, it sounds just like ordinary drones.

The company behind Ring did clarify how this would function when it ultimately made its debut, such as the fact that it would cover only one level of your house at a time. You’ll need to go about your house in a succession of flightpaths while holding it in order to train it properly.

The Always Home Cam, which is propelled by a set of blades within, has a square base and a thick lower stem that contains the camera lens when it’s not in use as a flying camera. Ring claims that the drone’s hum serves to notify anybody around that the camera is on the move, therefore the Always Home Cam’s apparent noise level is likely intentional. Ring claims that the flying cam is as quiet as a blender or vacuum cleaner and that it should only be used when no one is at home.

In the event that you see anything that isn’t quite right, you may also program the camera to halt in the air and circle around to look over the surrounding area. And there won’t be a separate app devoted to managing the drone; rather, all of that functionality will be included into the one that Ring already offers, at least when we eventually see it in the real world. The fact that Ring is willing to show off prototypes indicates that the product must be closer to sale than it is not, despite the fact that the company is not yet prepared to reveal its launch date.

Susan Kowal
Susan Kowal is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor/advisor, and health enthusiast.