Amazon Fire Max 11: Budget-friendly Tablet With Premium Specs


Amazon has just launched the Fire Max 11, which is incredible! The tablet has a sleek aluminum body, a crisper panel, and a greater emphasis on productivity than probably expected. Is Amazon Fire Max 11 worth the upgrade? We’ve compiled a guide on everything you need to know right now about Amazon’s latest tablet, the Fire Max 11. Check it out below!

Amazon Fire Max 11: Specs and Features

Despite the fact that Samsung has some fantastic flagship tablets that can compete with the iPad Pro, Amazon is now aiming to steal the spotlight with its newest Fire model, the Fire Max 11. So, what to expect?

The Fire Max 11 is a more expensive version of the company’s previous top-tier item, the Fire HD 10 Plus. The Fire Max 11’s display, an 11″ panel with a resolution of 2000 x 1200, is its main selling point. But is Fire Max 11 really making a difference this time around in order to go for an upgrade? Let’s see what the spec sheet tells us:

Amazon has clearly come with a major upgrade over its new Fire Max 11’s quality of life while attempting to turn it into a more premium tablet, all under a budget-friendly price tag.

As for the obvious features that we should mention, the power button serves now as a fingerprint sensor, making it the first Fire device to do so. Isn’t it great?! Coming to camera capabilities, the Fire Max 11 flaunts some 8MP on both rear and front panels, which seems just fine for future users. But the Amazon tablet also comes with a downgrade factor: the processor!

Even while Amazon says its tablet is faster enough, the Mediatek MT8188J CPU found in the Fire Max 11 looks to be a budget model developed for tablets in the year 2020. Quite disappointing.

The 64GB Fire Max 11 has a starting price of $230 and is now available for pre-order. The tablet will go official on June 14. Additionally, Amazon is selling it for $90 and $35, respectively, together with a keyboard cover and stylus pen. The price of the bundle is $330.

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