A 1.99-inch Apple Watch Pro With Flat Edges Could Be Introduced at the Far Out Event

Source: Apple

Apple will hold a new fall event on September 7 called Far Out, where the new iPhone 14 lineup and the Apple Watch Series 8 will be introduced. But fans are now more curious about what the event’s ‘One More Thing’ will bring.

According to a fresh report, a possible Apple Watch Pro with a flat-edged design will also be unveiled at the Far Out event. Read out below to find all the cool details!

Apple Watch Pro: What to Expect?

According to Bloomberg, the tech giant based in Cupertino intends to release a higher-end version of the upcoming Apple Watch Series 8. And we clearly didn’t see that coming!

The Apple Watch Pro will have a design with flat sides that emphasizes durability. It will also have a larger display encased in a larger form factor. But hear this: according to another recent claim from Macotakara, the Apple Watch Pro will be available soon.

Soon as the upcoming Far Out event?

Source: Apple

The source says the Apple Watch Pro will feature a sleek flat display and design. The display will actually be flatter than the Series 8 and may not be as flat as some say.

Unlike the standard options, the Pro model isn’t intended to come in multiple sizes. Such a thing will definitely make the device more appealing.

Finally, our last piece of information comes from the acclaimed Ross Young. He believes that the Apple Watch Pro’s display size might be 1.99-inches. Aside from that, Apple is likely to introduce the tough Apple Watch with much hype, comparing it to the well-known ‘One More Thing’ moment.

The reason?

Apple Watch Pro will be positioned as the wearable’s higher-end counterpart. So, the ‘One More Thing’ presentation wouldn’t match the new device’s plans.

Apple confirmed the Far Out event for September 7 at 10 AM/ 1 PM ET from Apple Park. Until then, try to take everything with a pinch of salt!

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